Write a five page paper about a case that was solved by “The Innocence Project.” Use their data base and other resources that are available on the internet to report your findings.

Cite your work on page seven. Page ONE can be a cover sheet. This leaves five pages of double spaced, typed, Times New Roman or Calibri Font, One inch margins, MLA OR APA. Page seven would be a source page/bibliography page.

Here is how you might (but are not required) break it down:

Type of crime – through State Statute and legal terms – Murder, Rape, Robbery, etc.

What occurred in the individual’s case

Detail of the crime and arrest

How the court proceedings found the suspect guilty

Evidence brought to trial, witness information, etc.

How they fought to remove the conviction

What did the Innocence Project do to get this case onto a court docket and back in front of the judge?

Conclude – What can be done to get better evidence, better interviews and better witness cooperation to avoid seeing the wrong man/woman put in prison or executed for a crime they did not commit.

What is the State doing for the wrongly prosecuted suspect?

Be sure to uses multiple (three or more) sources for your work.

Remember, this is a “Turn It In assignment. You can quote authors but the maximum comparable work is 20%. Each of you has three opportunities to submit this INTO THE DROP BOX. After your first submission you will see your comparison. If it is above 20%, correct it and send it again. I will only grade the last submission.


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