Essay report

  1. Identify the largest federally funded community-based program for low-income families with infants and toddlers and pregnant women.
    2.    Where can you find the Division for Early Childhood position statement on inclusion? Hint – this is a joint position statement with another organization – name that organization, too.
    3.    What does IDEA have to do with inclusion for preschoolers?
    4.    Who or what is the “untiring voice that will not be quiet until every vulnerable child is served?”
    5.    Write a correct APA citation for the resource with the following identifier doi: 10.1177/105381510502700305
    6.    What article from this issue is related to this scavenger hunt – Journal of Research in Childhood Education Fall-Winter, 2002 Source Volume: 17 Source Issue: 1. Identify the article using correct APA guidelines.

    •    Parents have the right to advocate for appropriate services and education for their child. Parents may not be aware of their rights or may have no idea how to advocate for themselves and their child. There are laws and statutes at the Federal, State, and local (school district) level that parents should be aware of, as well as web and local resources. Think broadly…not only the rights of parents of children with special needs but also parents of children who don’t speak English, gifted children, children with behavioral issues, etc. Think of parents who want to opt out of testing, families whose religious or personal beliefs may conflict with program customs or policies, families who want access to their child’s records…families who just have a conflict with a particular teacher. What are their legal rights on a Federal, State and local level?
    •    Many families also struggle with non-educational needs, such as food, housing, transportation, support groups. What Federal, State, and/or local resources are available for family referral?

    This week, your assignment is to present a list of at least five resources you have gathered so far as you begin to create this handout.
    Include Federal, State, and local resources.
    Include a citation list at the end of your paper with your resources in APA format.

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