Writing and Submission Requirements

Length: 800-1000 words, not including references
Format: MLA Style. 12-pt Times New Roman font, double spaced

Understanding how arguments work in the real world is the first step to creating our own effective arguments. Thus, for the Argument Analysis assignment, you will analyze the structure and content of the arguments made by a chosen photo from Dina Goldstein’s “Fallen Princesses” series. For your chosen photo, consider the fairy tale being utilized, the rhetorical methods used, and details of the visual aspects.

When you are ready to start composing your analysis, make sure to review the chapter on “Structuring Arguments,” especially the synopsis in Writing Arguments.

In your analysis you should:

Identify the fairy tale
Make an argumentative claim about the persuasive appeal of the photo
Analyze evidence to support your claim
Assess whether the evidence is effective

Your analysis should present a clear thesis and offer convincing evidence in support of every claim that you make. Remember, words count. Stay specific and provide ample descriptive detail to support your analysis. Organize your words, sentences, and paragraphs clearly and with intention – build a solid framework that helps your essay flow.

—-Picture Chosen: Belle w/ plastic surgery
Thesis: Society’s perception of beautiful has been dramatically changing every day. In return, women are reaching extreme measures in order to fulfill these certain, and therefore be considered “beautiful” amongst the world. But is changing the real aspects of nature really beautiful

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