Arc 1 Reflection Statement (Due Day 7)

For the next two Arcs, attention will shift to developing the framework for your dissertation research. In these Arcs you will be tasked with identifying a researchable problem and the topic of your study (the specific problem). You will develop research objective(s) and research questions. You will identify omissions or gaps in the full body of literature to justify the importance of your study meaning your findings may contribute new knowledge to the academic community and help practitioner leaders design policies and practices to address solutions to critical problems. Your work in the next two Arcs will draw upon your ability to demonstrate a number of different critical skills:

Identifying data in support of a formulating a researchable problem;
Analyzing and evaluating data to craft the statement of a problem;
Finding literature to analyze and evaluate the state of knowledge of the specific problem;
Synthesizing themes in the literature to craft research objectives/questions;
Conceptualizing alignment among elements of the research framework;
Scholarly writing protocols; and
Readiness to become a member of the doctoral community of scholars.
Prior to preparing this week’s Reflection Statement, consider your work and learning in Arc 1 and a broad area of interest, aligned with your degree program, to become the domain for your dissertation research. Reflect on your awareness and ability to demonstrate the list of skills detailed above.


Prepare a Reflective Journal Statement of one or two paragraphs, consisting of not more than 150 words. In your statement, discuss the following:
Describe and evaluate your learning experience for the full Arc.
What has gone well for you? What has not?
Based upon the list of skills identified above in not more than 200 words, discuss:
Prior to Arc 1, how aware were you of the role these skills play in framing a research study?
For each skill, have your experiences in Arc 1 enhanced your awareness of the role these skills will play in framing your dissertation research study? Why or Why not?
Which skills do you believe were not touched upon in Arc 1? Regarding your ability to apply the full list of skills in Arcs 2 and 3, which are you the most confident and least confident about?
In several sentences what have you learned about the nature of alignment among the following elements of a research study: problem, objectives, gaps in the literature, research questions? What if any questions remain unanswered about the concept of alignment?
Aside from assignment and timelines, what is the muddiest point for you about the description of the next two Arcs?

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