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SQL is an information situated dialect for selecting and controlling arrangements of information. PL/SQL is a procedural dialect to make applications. 

PL/SQL can is the application dialect simply as Java can. 

PL/SQL may be the dialect we use to assemble, configuration and presentation those screens, website pages and reports. 

SQL might be the wellspring of information for our screens, pages and reports. 

SQL is executed one articulation at once. PL/SQL is executed as a piece of code. 

SQL advises the database what to do (decisive), not how to do it. Conversely, PL/SQL advise the database how to do things (procedural). 

SQL is utilized to code questions, DML and DDL explanations. PL/SQL is utilized to code program squares, triggers, capacities, techniques and bundles. 

We can implant SQL in a PL/SQL program, yet we can’t insert PL/SQL inside a SQL proclamation. 

SQL might be the wellspring of the information for your screen, while PL/SQL may be the dialect you use to fabricate, arrangement and presentation those screens, site pages and reports. 

SQL is utilized to perform operations on information. 

There is an ANSI standard for it. Most databases bolster it, albeit each may have contrasts in the translation, and each ordinarily has some exclusive expansions to it. 

It permits automatic control of SQL and result sets, and in the event that you take a gander at the Oracle PL-SQL APIs, heaps of other stuff as well.


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