Ethical and Moral Questions About Technology’s Impact on the Nature of Warfare
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This paper should be approached with an outlook from the Humanities area of academics, not so much from the hard sciences.
Source: “The Best Military Science Fiction of the 20th Century” is a collection of 13 fictional stories from different authors, collected by Harry Turdledove. I would like the essay to tie in on at least one of these stories, but I’m not particular about which ones you use, as long as they are useful to the direction of the paper and the paper can be richly developed based on them. I’ve only read a couple of the stories, but the one titled “Second Variety” seemed good for this topic, just as a suggestion. But use whatever works well in your opinion. The book is available in my Amazon account as a Kindle version. Please use my username of and the password is 9891213k to access the eBook.
I’m looking for an insightful essay exploring the moral and ethical questions that come to mind when reading a couple of the stories in the above-mentioned book collection, moral and ethical questions about the impact that technology is likely to have on the nature of warfare. I would like thoroughly explored in this paper, both the nature of those moral and ethical questions, and the particular story’s approach to presenting them.
In addition, if possible, I would also like a reflection on the direction in which your own thinking developed in response to reading and reflecting on the stories you choose here. I am not particular about what your personal opinions here are, so please feel free to take any stance on it you like, and just develop it accordingly.
Additional sources are allowed if needed, but not required at all.
I apologize for the short time-frame, but the previous paper ordered was off topic, hence the last minute request. I need this paper done within 18 hours from now. There was no option for that particular time limit, so I chose the closest one in the order form. Please email me ASAP if you have any questions.

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