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Compare and contrast utilitarianism with Kant’s moral theory (universalism). In your response, define each theory. Discuss how they might be similar and how they might be different. Provide examples that demonstrate your key points. The essay item response should be documented by citing at least one or more credible sources such as the textbook, a newspaper, a biographic article, book, or website. Wikipedia and any similar online reference sites where the content may be authored by anyone are not considered credible sources for scholarly writing. Your essay should be 300–500 words in length, single spaced, and in APA format. Also Keep the following points in mind: The essay is well-organized and logically structured, the hypothesis is clearly stated and arguments are presented logically to support the hypothesis.

Your essay needs the standard contents and structure. Your first paragraph is your introduction which needs to provide an overview of the essay and must include your thesis statement. The paragraphs following that introduction comprise the body of your speech; each paragraph has one main point (topic sentence) with appropriate support material. Link paragraphs with transitions. All together, your main points must fully support your thesis statement. Finally, wrap up all ideas and themes in your conclusion. Do not introduce new information in your conclusion. (Information goes in the body of your essay.)

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