The following topics are three chapters from the Ethics and Morality in criminal justice by Jocelyn M. Pollock

Determining Moral behavior (Chapter 2) Focus should be on whether egoism is an ethical system

Police Discretion (Chapter 6) Focus should be on what happens when police fail to act.

Police Corruption (Chapter 7) Focus Should be ethical arguments against gratuities

1. Find an article which best represents the concept in each topic. The article can be from a newspaper, journal, etc. The article needs to relate, summarize and compliment the ideas of the

chapter you chose. You will need to copy/paste the article into your scrapbook.

2. Find three websites for each topic which provide useful information regarding the concepts or ideas.

3. Provide an essay (2-pages Double Spaced) for each topic, incorporating the information from your article and websites.

4. Design a cover page containing your name and class information (name, date, CJAD 345).

5. Design a table of contents which will identify the information included in your scrapbook.

6. The final section of the scrapbook should include a thorough discussion about the future and emerging issues you feel leaders in the criminal justice system must address – explain how and

why. Include potential difficulties, potential solutions and include any other pertinent information you find which relates. You should utilize information you find through research to help

support your ideas (i.e. be sure to cite sources within the text, when appropriate). The length of this section should be 3 pages (double-spaced).

7. Provide a References page at the end of your scrapbook which lists all sources


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