The topic as i mentioned is about an ethnic group called “Berber’s” specifically in Morocco i should include 3 points in this research which are:

1. How did that particular group emerge and start to think of itself as a distinct community?

2. What codes and symbols do the members of the group use as “ethnic markers” to communicate their identity and set themselves apart from others?  (names, language usage/dialect, dress, jewelry, food, rituals, housing styles etc.) (Apart from others they mean the other Arab Moroccans, like what ethnic markers makes the berber’s in Morocco different than the Arab in Morocco)

3.In which areas of life do they interact freely with members of other groups; in which domains do they prefer to interact with “one’s own” only? (education, work relations, trade, religious practices, neighborhood relations, informal associations, marriage etc.)

* please follow the grading rubric, to have a clear idea of how the research should be, and please write it using simple English language avoid using hard vocabulary words.


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