Ethnoveterinary Medicine and Sustainable development of animal healthcare delivery in Nigeria

A proposal for a PhD study.
Must include Theoretical framework
Here is a proposed outline
PhD proposal literature review
•    Indigenous knowledge
•    Indigenous knowledge in animal health (Ethnoveterinary systems)
•    Evolution of animal healthcare in Nigeria
•    Current animal healthcare systems in Nigeria
•    Identified gaps in animal healthcare delivery
•    Filling the gaps through:
o    Identification and validation of EVMs in SW Nigeria
o    Adoption of CAHWs
o    Integration of CAHWs into Nigeria’s animal healthcare delivery systems
•    Ethnoveterinary Survey of Southwest Nigeria
•    Validation of selected EVM practices
•    KAP of veterinarians towards EVM
•    KAP of farmers towards EVM
•    Integration of EVM into Animal Healthcare delivery to promote sustainable animal healthcare


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