Euthyphro attempts to justify his actions by resorting to his religious knowledge and belief. Socrates argues that such a justification is misguided. At 11e – 12d of the Euro, Socrates gets euthyphro to agree that piety is a part of justice. Use g an evaluation of the various alternative descriptions between justice and piety, we explained why this must be the proper relationship between justice and piety. (Our discussions in the Venn diagram). What arguments could be made against 1.) Individuals that maintain that the proper relationship between justice and piety is that they are coextensive as well as 2.) Those that maintain that all just actions are pious? With which of these five possible relationships between justice and piety are you most in agreement with? Why?

1)do not include a title
2)must be compatible with Microsoft word 2007 or above
3)must be between 500 and 750 words. Only the body of the paper will be used for the word count.

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