INSTRUCTIONS: Answer in essay form with a clear thesis statement for your response. Emphasize the content with possible evidence from the book. NO OUTSIDE SOURCES ARE NEEDED ! DON’T DO THAT!

QUESTION: While the war of independence of the 1700’s symbolized a broadening of freedoms and rights optimized in ” We the people,” it was also a moment where the leadership in the nascent united states deprived and excluded the majority of its inhabitants the democratic process.
How did Native Americans , Europeans/Euroamericans, and African/ African Americans throughout the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries experience the ” making ” of US distinctly ( make sure to consider gender and class diversity )? Why was the liberty paramount to the formation of the United States and what did it mean ti heterogeneous peoples of America living in Early Republic Period? How did certain groups continue to fight and claim the ideals and values embedded in foundational texts of the united states despite their subjugation?
be sure to identify and examine specific turning points such as major events ( rebellions, upheavals, wars, migration, slavery) individuals( leaders and thinkers, for example), pertinent legal decisions and legislation, salient writings and inter groups dynamics that shaped relationships.

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This is the link for the book and the answers to answer and write this essay is through chapters 1-8 !!

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