Epidemiological toxicology. Examination of how a particular toxicant is implicated in a particular disease/ syndrome. You have been assigned a topic for study. This topic will be worth 100% of the marks for the epidemiology part of the BE436 module. In your topic you should discuss: 1. How the toxicant was originally implicated in the disease/ syndrome. Include references to descriptive, cross-sectional and ecological studies; 20%. 2. The mechanism of exposure; 5%. 3. How cohort and case-control studies have been used to implicate the toxicant in the disease/ syndrome; 40%. 4. The likely mechanism(s) by which the toxicant exerts its effect; 10%. 5. How the toxicant’s effects are modified by interaction with other agents or how the toxicant interacts with the human genome to produce differing consequences for differing genotypes 10%. You should include a 250 word abstract; 5%. Your write-up should be approximately 3000 words and should not include direct plagiarism of the literature. You will be expected to provide a reference list in an appropriate format, and will be asked to provide hard copy, or a URL to an electronic version (ideally embedded in your electronic version as a hotlink), of any papers that you cite. 10% of your marks will go for how effectively you reference (how up to date are your references and how well focused on the topic in hand). Please spell check your assignment before submission! Up to 10% of your final mark will be deducted for sloppily assembled reports.

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