. The book that we are using is called (experimental in physical chemistry for shoemaker) this experiment is in the book just HCl not HBr (page 403).
I will attach articles for supplement information and for writing the theory. Please read grading rubric to make sure that you following instruction ( the most points are in theory and discussion).

Measure the rotation-vibration spectrum of gas phase HCl and HBr after acquiring a background spectrum.

To be reported: for each isotopomer,
1. The harmonic vibrational frequency, ?~e; the harmonic force constant ke; the anharmonicity constant, xe.
2. The rotational constant, Be; the vibration-rotation constant ae; the centrifugal distortion constant De; the internuclear distance, re.
3. The residuals (observed – calculated wavenumbers) for all data points included in the least-squares fit.
Raw data: sample pressure in IR cell, wavenumbers of all peaks of all species for both the
fundamental and overtone bands.

Supporting information: results from least-squares fitting including all residuals.

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