explaining why the training offered will support my career aspirations


explaining why the training offered will support my career aspirations

Unique Offer to Curtin University 2012 IT Graduates from Kinetic IT. There is no doubt that a well-rounded university degree is a pre-requisite for an exciting future in the IT industry. It is also recognised that the need to understand the best practices employed by the IT industry before applying for a role is a huge benefit. Employers are keen to recruit savvy graduates who are prepared to hit the ground running, and who know the language, principles and practices of Service Management used by the IT industry. The ITIL® Foundations Certificate in IT Service Management is the pathway to demonstrating that knowledge of language, principles and practices.
Kinetic IT is a leading employer of IT people having been a successful IT outsourcing provider since 1995. We are also an Accredited Training provider (ATO) for ITIL®, Prince2 and other best practice certification. All our trainers have extensive experience implementing ITIL® principles and provide practical insights into the application of ITIL concepts in a real world setting.

Our offer:

Kinetic IT is offering „free training and exam? places for the ITIL® Foundations Certificate in IT Service Management. This offer is open to all local Curtin University 2012 graduates of IT, regardless of whether you are currently working in industry or yet to secure employment. These places will be on our scheduled courses throughout 2013.

This is a selective offer and students will need to supply details discussed below. Kinetic IT reserves the right to select who will attend the courses. Failure to follow the instructions below may mean applicants are not considered for the offer.

The training course takes the form of three days of professional training followed by the examination for the Foundations Certificate. As many students are aware, ITIL® is a best practice framework of Service Management principles used by service providers to ensure that they have the people, process, technology and suppliers to deliver IT services. ITIL® is the de facto standard used by IT service providers throughout the world.

To apply for a place on the course:

Email your resume and a submission of 500 words explaining why the training offered will support your career aspirations
write about 500 word explaining why the training offered will support my career aspirations
Please write a perfect explanation to convince Kinetic IT to select me for the free training

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