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“Genre” is a French word that refers to a kind, type, or category of a particular phenomenon or thing. In the cinema, genre is a term that is used to designate various categories of motion picture production. Major movie genres include such broad types of films as musicals, comedies, action and adventure films, Westerns, crime and detective films, melodramas, science-fiction and horror films, gangster films, war films, suspense thrillers, epics and disaster films.
Select a genre that appeals to you and then choose a film that you wish to analyze within that genre. Your assignment is to research the different rules/conventions and stylistic devices that are combined to create the genre you are writing about. You should then discuss how the film you have selected fits into its genre. Is the director true to the established rules of the genre or does he or she manipulate or play with these rules. Please provide as many examples as possible from the film you watch.
Your paper should be between three and five pages in length, double-spaced, using 12-point font. It will be marked based on content, the quality and thoroughness of your research and analysis, spelling, grammar and sentence structure. You must cite your sources whenever you use information that is not your own. You must also provide a Works Cited/Bibliography at the end of your paper. Your research should include a variety of websites. Remember, copying and pasting information that is from an outside source without citation is considered plagiarism!

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