Draw as widely and as explicitly as you can on our discussions and your life experiences and answer the following question. What roles does our participation in the social world have on our cognitive, social, emotional, and personality development? Examine both the positive and negative consequences of being social creatures, residing in a social environment. Furthermore, your answer should address the adaptive and maladaptive uses of cognition. Include in your discussion the 7 features of human cognition and cite examples of them from the articles and films. Feel free to use any personal experiences as well to demonstrate your understanding of the material.

The paper is to be five (5) pages in length, double-spaced; 1-inch margins, and font size should be 10-12. Please make sure you include all three (3) articles, three (3) films [dr. strangelove, pawnbroker, and the wild child], and as indicated above, at least one example of each of the seven (7) features of cognition.

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