This is your first paper assignment.

Write a five page paper in which you develop points about your possible research topic this semester all the Lipovetsky readings plus one of the other articles you have read so far for class that you think is relevant AND one additional scholarly article you have found through the Library website which relates to your topic.

How does Lipovetsky and the one other article you chose that you read for class and the scholarly article you found help you frame your topic, focus it, and develop questions for research? Use these articles as a way to think about the following questions:

1. Why do you think your topic makes a good research paper?
2. How do the readings you are discussing provide a lens (as in a camera lens) to better understand the larger implications of your topic?
3. What questions are raised by these readings in relation to your research topic?
4. Do any of these articles provide a larger frame that would help you think about the different aspects of your topic?

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