1. Identify and describe the events of the film that determines the stasis, the intrusion, crisis, climax, resolutions and new stasis.

2. Identify the principal action and describe the obstacles, both internal and external faced by the main characters.

3. How do the characters, story and style of the film reflect the film’s genre and place in film history

4. Make a clear statement of the theme of the movie and describe how the characters and story of the film act as a metaphor or cultural artifact of the social, cultural, and/or historical time period that the film was produced?

5. Pick a minor character in the film and identify the character’s principal action and obstacles and explain how that character contributed to the theme of the film.

6. Discuss how one of the following formal elements of the Mise en Scene contributed to the film’s theme: Diction, Music and Sound Design, Productions Design (editing style, syntax, lighting, visual texture, use of color or contrast.)

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