Paper details:Paper #2 Due: 03-24-2016 in class and in Safe Assign Box. Pick any movie shown in class since the last assignment. Write an analysis of the issues found in this movie by examining 2-4 different themes in depth. Your content grade will be based on your ability to expand on aspects of planning or related issues in your own words. Be sure to include AT LEAST one reference to a class reading in your analysis. Make sure you properly cite any sources your paper references. We expect both a works cited page and in-text citations. In the same way you would use a quote or idea from a class reading, use scenes from the film as examples of your chosen planning, or related, issues. DO NOT write a summary of the film, discuss symbolism, or describe the characters in detail. Assume the reader has seen the movie. When you need to refer to a scene from the film in order to make your point, you should describe the scene in no more than 1 sentence.

Here are some tips for writing your paper:

Think of a position on a major planning or related issue you would like to analyze for the movie.
Think of 2-4 statements that support your position.
This is not a movie review. Avoid obvious or clichéd statements about what happened in the movie. Don’t talk about movie techniques like lighting and don’t mention the director, audience or cast.
In your intro paragraph, clearly state your position (identified in #1) and briefly mention your supporting statements (from #2).
Each paragraph after your intro should be dedicated to explaining ONE of your supporting statements. You may use specific examples from the movie to provide further support and evidence.
Write a concluding paragraph that essentially wraps up your position, and ideally sheds new light based on the arguments provided in the body of the paper.
As you write, consider the question, “why is this important?” Can you argue that the problems and opinions expressed in the movie are important for planning, society, or the world in general? Dig deep into your chosen arguments in order to show a thoughtful analysis of the greater issue.
Proofread very carefully for grammar, punctuation and clarity. Cite quotations and references correctly to avoid plagiarism.
The essay should be at least 3 full pages but no more than 5 full pages. It must be double spaced and in 12pt Times New Roman font. Your TA will check your formatting and deduct points if you do not fill 3 pages. Use a formal tone and do not write in first and/or second person (ask your TA for clarification if you are unsure how to write in third person perspective). Do not use rhetorical questions—they are too casual for this essay.

If you want to submit a draft for your TA to review, you must send your draft to your TA at least 7 days before the paper deadline. An electronic copy of your paper is due to Blackboard before the start of class on the due date. Please upload your paper as a Word Document. Unless otherwise stated, you will also bring a hard copy of your paper to class on the due date. Papers submitted without an electronic copy will receive an “E” grade (indicating an incomplete assignment), regardless of content. Email your TA with any questions.

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