This is what my professor wrote I will send later more literature that he is refering to

In general, what I am looking for is to have you interview a colleague/supervisor who works in the field of ASD and present their answers, and your interpretation of their answers (guidance for both of these facets can be found at the end of the syllabus). While you are welcome to stick to the sample questions, you are also welcome to digress from them and use your own. The main purpose of the assignment, however, is to explore some of the cultural aspects of working in the field with your colleagues, as opposed to just getting a “rundown” of their responsibilities. As you talk to your interviewee, please do your best to get “deeper” with them and challenge the ideas with them as we’ve done in this course (e.g., the “narratives” of ASD; how these “narratives” affect practice; what their beliefs are in terms of the “narratives”).

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