The best places to find an ad are at or youtube.comü
Choose an ad for which you can address at least most of the prompt points given below.ü


Once you have chosen an ad:Ø
In written prose of college-level quality, address the following prompt points:
Look for and write about all of the following that apply to the ad you have chosen:
Identify whether the ad was produced to further the causes of the Republican party, the Democraticü
party, or an independent party. Explain whether there is anything about the content of the ad that
would tell you this information even if you did not previously know who the candidate was or with
which political party he or she affiliates.
If the ad was produced by a Super PAC, identify the top funders who support that Super PAC.ü
Identify and explain embedded and/or targeted worldviews paradigms (specifically from the threeü
primary worldviews in the US as explained in Lesson 10)
Identify and explain types of propaganda used within the adü
Identify and explain half-truths or lies within the ad, if there are any (and in this case, the truth of theü
matter should also be explained). Politifact or Factcheck should be used to verify truthfulness.
The main informative body of your essay should be approximately 600-700 words, as needed to cover the
prompt points. This does not include your title information, any long introductions or conclusions (not
necessary, but if you use them they don’t count as part of your word count), or your reference list.
Style instructions:
• Use 12-point Times Roman or 11-point Arial font.
• Double-space.
• Use full sentences and complete paragraphs.
• Do not use bullet points or phrases.
• Formal essay style (introduction, middle and conclusion) are not necessary, but are acceptable.
However, the introduction and conclusion will not count toward your needed word count, as what is
important is the “meat” of the essay – the answers to the prompt points above.
• Use in-text citations to cite the ads, using candidate, ad name and date. Example: (Romney, Prairie
Fire, 2008).
• Put full citation of ads in a reference list. Full citation should begin with candidate’s last name, then
first name, and must include year, full web address of the location of the ad, and, if relevant, the name
of the PAC sponsoring the ad.
• Reference list should be in alphabetical order.
• Paraphrase (use your own words). Do not use long quotes or multiple quotes. One or two quotes that
are only one sentence in length are acceptable. Quotes must be immediately followed by in-text,
parenthetical, name-date citations (Whetmore, 2010), and full citation for quote must be in the
reference list.


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