Topic: Final Evluation of Practium 1

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8 paragraphs, 5-8 min long oral presentation. Can use I as first person to describe experiences. Need continual open communication from writer. I currently am doing a clinical rotation as a Surgical Technologist at Parkridge Hospital and my Previous clinical rotation was at Tennova Medical Center. I have to write a essay talking about may responsibilities and experiences at these locations. The opening paragraph needs to talk about where I am currently at and where I was at previously. The majority of information will be about Tennova Medical Center since I have completed my rotation there and am only two weeks into my rotation at Parkridge Hospital. The second paragraph asks what was your position and what were your responsibilities. The 3rd paragraph asks what have you learned. The 4th paragraph asks how did you benefit from this experience. The 5th paragraph asks how will this practicum help you in your career. The 6th paragraph asks what else, if anything, would you have liked to learn from this experience. The 7th paragraph asks what recommendations would you make. The 8th paragraph should be a summary. I have many answers to these question, but have a hard time articulating how I should put it into writing and this is where I need your help. please message me and I can answer the questions and maybe you can elaborate and word it better.

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