Financial reporting

The Fundamental Research Project: Individual Stock Report

The Fundamental Research Project is designed to simulate the type of research work expected from a “Buy-Side” fundamental analyst. The project will focus on the examination and valuation of a stock from a selected investment universe. Students are expected to explore theories that underlie asset pricing, practiced techniques that identify asset-mispricing situations, and strategies that exploit the presence of temporary asset-mispricing. Students will experience the benefits and pitfalls various models: The Dividend Discount Model (DDM), The Gordon Growth Model, The Discounted Cash Flow Model (DCF) and other relative valuation techniques. A key to success in the investment world is the ability to think out of the box. Through class discussions and teamwork the project is designed to illustrate and highlight Qualitative and Quantitative aspects of Investment Research.

A Stock Report: (A Sample Report will be posted on blackboard) among topics you should cover in this written report are:
1. Your description of the company – business, products, management, relevant history, future plans.
2. Your Investment Thesis
3. Financial Statement Analysis (Sample Model will be posted). All students must ensure that their model is “balanced” [START THIS EARLY, THIS IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY]
4. Consensus price target (Street Estimates)
5. Your Price Target with Upside/Downside risk
6. Risks that the company will likely face in short run/long run (Porter’s 5 forces or SWOT analysis)
7. Future monitoring points
8. Explain why it should do better than its peers and how the stock is expected to performance.

Note: Students must be prepared to answer movement in his or her stock caused by news flow, earnings report or any other event in the market place.

the company is Quest Diagnostics Inc(DGX), I put the materials name FIN205 INDIVIDUAL. which is the paper i am just working on I/S and not finished yet, you still need do the B/S, CF, and ratio as well. In excel, DO NOT TYPE ANY NUMBER IN FORCASTING.

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