Financial reporting analysis

Financial reporting analysis
– Answer with thorough explanation including graphs, charts, and pictures
– company: Target
1. industry and risks
– describe the industry in which your company operates
– describe the industry outlook and any major trends
– Identify (3) industry risks
2. Read management’s discussion and analysis (MD&A)
– what does management have to say about the company’s recent results?
– Does management appear pessimistic or optimistic about the future?
-what are the plans for the future?
– describe three (3) challenges your company faces. Are these challenges similar to the industry risks identified in question #1?
3. summarize all of your findings by commenting on the overall financial health of your company. Reference specific financial data, ratios, quotes from MD&A, etc to support your claim
-works cited
– company webpage
– Form 10-K
Financial databases such as

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