Informal writing assignment

Each discussion should be a minimum of 12 sentences in length (and at least 100 words). A discussion will not be penalized for going over the length requirement if you feel it necessary to convey your ideas but it will be penalized for going under the length requirement. Although I won’t necessarily penalize for
going over the length requirement, I would ask you to keep it under 250 words to better facilitate student dialogue….if it is too long, students tend to skip over it. If you have used outside sources in formulating your discussion post, you must identify those sources in the discussion to avoid plagiarism. Each discussion should be organized, insightful, thought-provoking, grammatically correct, and appropriate in both manner and content. You will be graded on both quantity and quality of the discussion post as it meets the criteria discussed above.

One of the many things that differs among cultures is food. Pick a culture that you are unfamiliar with and describe and provide a recipe for either a traditional meal or what would be considered a delicacy in that culture. This is your opportunity to explore the unfamiliar and introduce us to something that may make our mouths water, may pique our interest, may shock us, or may even make us cringe. Describe the food, the history behind it, how and when it is used and provide a recipe. Be sure to include where you found the information.

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