Topic: FRR Project Proposal and Outline

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Your proposal should provide three things:

List the specific genre you have chosen from the three options available for the Farm-Related Research Project
Why you chose this particular topic
Why you believe this will contribute to your understanding of the farm in literature and agriculture
For an analysis paper or fieldwork, I recommend you use the stasis theory found at (Links to an external site.) to create a research outline

For a literature review, you should create an outline that begins with the following:

Topic introduction
Major questions and/or debates
Major commentary
Areas for further inquiry
NOTE: Your grade is based on content, not format. Remember that outlines are dynamic. I expect them to change over the next month as you conduct your farm research and narrow your thesis. If you choose the fieldwork option, your outline may simply be your questioning process.

Purpose of the Proposal and Outline:

Be proactive about your studies
Receive instructor’s approval of your project
Organize your project

Type in a Word document with numbered bullet points and submit electronically on Canvas


Complete or incomplete

NOTE: You will not get credit for your Farm-Related Research Project unless the proposal and outline are submitted and approved at least a month before the due date of the final project.

PLEASE communicate with me if you would like to brainstorm a project.

This research and writing project is your culminating work for this course and replaces a final exam so should be considered a comprehensive study of a farm-related topic of your choice. The three genres that you can choose from to structure your writing are

Genre (choice):

Analysis of some significant aspect of the farm that we have studied. Students are required to analyze and explicate a very narrowed view of the topic. Ten to twelve pages, not counting the name block and Works Cited page

Literature review studying the conversation surrounding your chosen topic. This choice requires use of a minimum of ten sources and ten to twelve written pages, not counting the name block and Works Cited page.

Significant fieldwork documenting an aspect of farming. Half primary research (interviews, surveys, and/or observations) and half written explication. Primary research should be documented with fieldnotes, transcriptions, survey results and/or photographs, combined with five to six pages of explication describing how your work connects to literary work we have studied in this course. You can either submit your primary research as a separate file/folder, or as an appendix to your written document. The pages of raw primary research do not count as part of your five to six pages.

This project is not considered complete without a proposal and draft submitted on the dates specified.

Conferences with librarians and the instructor will supply additional help throughout the semester.


Title clearly identifying your narrow view of the topic

Clear thesis and conclusion (not summary)

MLA format.

Minimum of six sources, not including the literature required below

Connection to at least two modes of literature

Save in Word Doc or Docx format
Upload here on Canvas on the date specified
Absolutely no late submissions will be accepted. I suggest you back up your working files frequently (on the cloud) to avoid problems with computers crashing or files being corrupted.
More detailed areas that you will be graded on are found in the rubric.

FRR Rubric
FRR Rubric
Criteria Ratings Pts
view longer description
25 pts
Analysis and Explication
view longer description
30 pts
view longer description
25 pts
Writing Mechanics
view longer description
5 pts
view longer description
5 pts
Visual Imagery
view longer description
5 pts
Thesis Development
view longer description
5 pts
Total Points: 100

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