Pick one of the issues below and write a research based paper that persuades readers on some aspect of that particular issue.  Most of the issues listed below are typical “For or Against” issues, yet I don’t want to box you in too much (i.e., perhaps if you choose Globalization you will focus your speech not so much on the Globalization issue but instead on whether or not NAFTA should be eliminated – an important aspect of the overall Globalization debate).  On the other hand, however, feel free to design your Persuasive paper around either being “For or Against” one of these hot button issues (indeed, that’s why I selected these particular issues).  Finally, MLA format will be required for this paper and non-correspondence to MLA format will result in one letter grade drop on this assignment (severe non-correspondence may result in a two letter grade drop).

Topics to pick from:  1)  Future US Energy solutions  2)  Globalization  3)  Euthanasia  4)  Stem Cell Research 5)  Gay rights/marriage/military service  6)  Celebrity Worship

at least 5 sources are required as well.

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