For this 2 page response paper (double spaced) please answer the following questions thoroughly: During the 1950’s we see (especially on TV) a postwar effort to reconstruct family life after a major world war. Images of the nuclear family dominate these shows. We see women as homemakers who are not challenging their prescribed gender roles. Sexuality does not exist on these shows. In contrast, we also have film images such as Doris Day. As discussed Day does challenge the image of the woman in the home(we see Day as an independent, single, successful woman) but she upholds proper images regarding sexuality and sexual behavior. Another film image and icon of the time is the very famous Marilyn Monroe. After reading the bio’s and watching clips on Monroe, Barbie and Beauty Pageants (all very popular things in the 50’s) please answer the following: What messages are inherent in beauty pageants, barbie and even icons such Marilyn Monroe in terms of beauty and sexuality in the 1950’s? Please discuss all three. How are they able to remain popular during conservative times in the popular culture? How do they uphold some of the messages that dominate the time? What do they say about race and class? References:

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