Gender and the Glass Ceiling (Purcell, et al.)


Gender and the Glass Ceiling (Purcell, et al.)
1. What is the gist of the reading or set of readings? Here you want to concisely summarize the main idea(s) and/or basic point(s) the author or authors are making.
2. How do these new ideas fit into our larger understanding? Here you want to offer a discussion of how this adds to our broader understanding.
3. What is your reaction/opinion to the main ideas? Here you want to offer your own insights: what you found interesting, inspiring, challenging or the like. You will also offer at least one discussion point you would want to raise. Separate this discussion point from the rest of the text so it can be easily identified.

Never turn in more than one page, with the exception of the selections from Ritzer and Hochschild. There you are permitted a page and a half.

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