What are the advantages to being in the EU and adopting the Euro (two separate issues)? What are the chief drawbacks (EU and Euro, economic and political)? Why hasn’t England, Norway, Sweden, or Switzerland adopted the Euro?
What would be the advantages and disadvantages to the US entering into a similar union with Mexico and Canada? (This is known as the North American Trade Union, this you may have to skim the book, titled “The Late Great USA” by Corsi, discusses some of the issues in detail.) Who are the principle beneficiaries of NATU (e.g. countries/categories—workers, so on), who can it hurt? Why?
In your opinion, would you like to see an agreement such as NATU reached between Mexico, Canada and the US? Why or why not?

If you need to gather information about NATU, you can skim the book “The Late Great USA,” here is the link to the PDF. http://conspiracywiki.com/documents/the-late-great-usa.pdf

Write the paper based on this questions and that source.

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