Global Logistics and Supply Chain Management- -easyInternetcafe case study

Global Logistics and Supply Chain Management- -easyInternetcafe case study

Read the Case Study and answer the following questions. Your answer does NOT need to be in the form of a report.

1. How long does it take to open an easyInternetcafe?Illustrate your answer with a GANTT chart.

Tutor want see your analysis direction according to GANTT CHART. The chart is needed analysed detailed rather than only listed the items.

The PPT in the file can help you do this analysis. Please make sure to read the files carefully.)
2. Should elc build a single European warehouse? If so, where would you recommend they build it?
Use proper data/figures/calculation to discuss then conclude your answer based on enough factors,such as the cost, markets etc factors to choose the location if need built. Show your sufficient and powerful evidence, do not give conclusion directly. answer should be analysed in details and critically.
3. If you were Tanmay, would you recommend UPS, Exel, Globalserve or Ingram Micro? What are the advantages and disadvantages of each company?s approach?

Discuss specifically in details and talk about adv and disadv correctly and critically.
Please see the important files in the attachment. Answer all questions clearly and stay on the topic.

Remember the major is Global Logistics and Supply Chain Management, it better to link academic source in the text.

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