Greater Syria after World War I

Please analyze the attached two primary sources about the aspirations of the people of Greater Syria after World War I. You are required to write 1,200 words and will be graded according to the grading rubric posted under “Course Documents” on Blackboard.
The most important document is the resolution of the Syrian congress from 1919, so please focus on that. The King-Crane commission report is given as further evidence, and to make it easier for you to establish your arguments.
When analyzing the documents, please remember to include a main argument at the outset and to minimize summarizing. You may use the lecture notes and the course readings (including Gelvin’s book), but please make sure you cite them properly: Indicate page numbers if you have direct quotations, but if you only use general ideas from a specific book or article, it is enough to mention the author’s name (without page numbers

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