When an organization decides to hire for a new position either internally or externally, there are a lot of methods that can be used to determine the most talented employee for the position. Most organizations use a combination of methods, such as personality tests and past work examples. With various methods available, it is important for the organization to know the strengths and weaknesses of the methods being considered for selecting potential employees.

This week, you will complete a Group Project on methods of selecting talented employees. Your Instructor will assign you to a group by Day 1 of Week 2. As a group, you will discuss and complete the assignment listed below using the Groups area located after Week 8 in the classroom. All group discussions should take place in the group Discussion forum. As you develop various drafts throughout your Group Project, make sure ALL drafts are posted to your group’s area. This will ensure that all group members and your Instructor can view the development process. At the end of Week 8, you will evaluate each group member’s participation in both projects.

Each group should elect one group member to submit the final version of the Group Project to the Week 3: Group Project area. Be sure to include the names of all group members. Based on this evaluation, your instructor has the right to reduce or remove your grade in BOTH projects.

Your Group Project will be a PowerPoint presentation of 10-15 slides that includes all of the elements listed below. The presentation should analyze the strengths and weaknesses of each of the following methods in selecting talented employees:

• Cognitive Ability Testing
• Personality Testing
• Physical Ability Testing
• Integrity Testing
• Drug Testing
• Application Forms
• Resumés
• Biodata
• Work Sample Testing
• Reference Checking
• Interviewing
The ones highlighted in yellow are the ones that I have to do.
• Integrity
• Drug testing
• Application Forms

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