Guns should be illegal.


Guns should be illegal.
To present a fully developed, logical essay that attempts to persuade your chosen audience to agree with your claim on a particular issue. (If you are writing for a supportive audience, your purpose should be to “call them into action” as opposed to just reinforcing their beliefs.)
You should demonstrate an understanding of the three types of appeals (Logical, Emotional, Ethical), although they need not be treated equally.
ENG 121 – Essay #4: The Argumentative/Persuasive Essay (150 points)
??As always, your work should be free from grammar and mechanical errors. Content/Organization Requirements:
This essay should be 5-6 pages in length, not including your Works Cited page. Significantly less than that would likely indicate the subject has not been adequately explored. Significantly more than that would indicate that you did not appropriately define your scope. Every essay must include at least one instance of raising and countering an objection from the “other side.”
This paper does have a research requirement as well. You must incorporate information gathered from at least 3 sources into your text. Your essay will also need MLA-style in-text citations and a Works Cited page. Overall manuscript format should follow MLA style (see your handbook for a sample MLA essay).
Due Dates (Late Penalties will be strictly enforced!):
? Sunday, April 21 – Topic Proposal is due by midnight. This assignment is posted in the D2L drop box. (25 points).
? Tuesday, April 23 – Short Annotated Bibliography (25 points) due today before midnight. (We will have time in class for working on this.)
? Tuesday, April 30 – Rough Draft of your Essay is due for Peer Review (25 points) at the beginning of class. Please bring 4 copies of your paper to class. There will not be an opportunity to make up the Peer Review points.
? Tuesday, May 7 – Final Draft of Persuasive essay due by midnight. (150 points).
??Grading Breakdown: Grammar/Mech. = 40 points Diction/Spelling = 10 points
Counterargument = 25 points
Content/Org = 40 points MLA Style = 25 points Reflection = 10 points

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