Harvard Business Review Article


Harvard Business Review Article
Paper instructions:

You are to read the Harvard Business Review publication in this module and write a 1000 word (900-1100 words) response. You should not spend time summarizing the reading. Instead you should RESPOND to the writing in an interesting way.

You should have a clear and specific thesis statement in which you make an argument and then the rest of your 1000 words should be spent backing up the thesis statement and proving you are correct.

You might disagree with the reading, extend it to specific applications, or provide other sources that contradict the essay. I’ve already read the essay so you should only repeat or explain the parts that are relevant to your your argument. If you quote the essay you should cite the page number.

Be creative but be CLEAR in what you are trying to say. In order to earn an A grade you should relate your response to concepts we have covered in class so far in creative and thought provoking ways.

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