There are 4 questions that you need to complete
Use UK English. Please check your grammar, spelling and sentence structure – they need to be correct.
This is a university academic paper
You must read the reading/listen to all materials to understand how to answer the 4 questions

Read the background information/documents about the Clubhouse Model of Psychosocial Rehabilitation and related readings/resources, and listen to the audio recordings of the visit to a  Clubhouse Model.

1.    What are your thoughts about this model of community-based support (Clubhouse Model) for people living with mental health issues, and were you previously aware of it? Refer also to the audio recordings
2.    Have you had any opportunities to visit or learn about this model (Clubhouse Model)  in South Australia, elsewhere in Australia or in another country?
3.    Do you consider this to be a model (Clubhouse Model) of support that may have wider applicability in your own community and, if so, what do you consider are the strengths of this approach? Refer also to the audio recordings
4.    Provide other comments or impressions about the Clubhouse Model. Refer also to the audio recordings

Other resources:


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