Paper details:ENTC4777 – SP2016
Assignment #4 – Health & Safety Article Review

The purpose of this education is to prepare for a professional career. Therefore, ALL assignments are expected to have a professional presentation. The purpose of this assignment is to provide a research opportunity for students, by reviewing an article related to health & safety.
Given the dynamic and ever-changing realm of health and safety, professionals can use current publications to help keep them up-to-date.
Review trade journals, industrial magazines, news articles, etc. and identify an article that you can relate to health and safety. The actual topic is your choice, but again it must be able to be related to health and safety.
The original print date of the article may not be before 2013. Internet sources may be used, but only if the article has a release date. (Many webpages are outdated, so an article with no date does not meet our requirement.)
You may NOT use an article printed by a company. Such articles are usually little more than advertising.

Assignment Requirements
Provide a copy of the article. In addition, write of review of the article, including the following information:
• Introduce the article, by identifying the article name, the author, and the publication date.
• Explain why you chose the article; e.g. you are familiar with the industry or company.
• Finally, relate some significance from the article to the health and safety field and to you personally. In other words, what can you pull from this article that you can apply as a health and safety professional. Remember, simple answers earn simple grades.

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