Assignment: Please write a three page paper (double-spaced) using numerous quotes to answer the following question: What is Conrad’s philosophical viewpoint on the relationship between human beings and the world they inhabit?

Some Advice:
1.    Have a title that is interesting and contributes to your purpose.
2.    Include a small plot description of the novella and its various characters in the introduction.
3.    At the end of your introduction, include a thesis statement in which you answer the question this essay is about. It might be a good idea to have three elements in your thesis statement that can later be turned into three body paragraphs, but this is not necessary.
4.    Make sure to italicize the novella’s title, and refer to its author, Joseph Conrad, occasionally, calling him by his last name, or his full name.
5.    Have paragraphs with clear topic sentences.
6.    Use short quotes that you embed in your sentences like this: When he was floating down the river, Marlow thought: “I could walk anywhere in these shoes” (78). Notice that I don’t have any punctuation at the end of the quote, but put it after the brackets, which include only the page number. Also, the quote flows grammatically from the sentence I have started.
7.    Avoid using “I” or including any personal reference to yourself.
8.    Avoid discussing whether the novella was good or bad, though you might, in your conclusion discuss whether or not the novelist was right or wrong.
9.    Use qualities of the work like setting, characterization, point of view, mood, tone, etc. to embellish your discussion on these themes.
10.    Be sure to edit your work carefully.

Grading Summary:

Knowledge and Understanding: The student has demonstrated a significant understanding of the novella as a whole. They also demonstrate that they understand the way a novelist is at work behind the text, trying to make a point.

Thinking: The student has pondered the question of the essay deeply, and their response shows that depth and breadth of thinking.

Application: The student has used quotes and examples as textual evidence to support their analysis of the point of the novella.

Communication: The essay is written clearly, with adherence to the rules of grammar. Furthermore, the student has used language appropriate to a course of this level.

Here is the book:

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