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The following spreadsheet contains personnel data. The CEO of the
company needs demographic summary data for a potential future salary
Select the following link to download the Microsoft Excel spreadsheet for this assignment: Individual Project Data.
Create a manager summary report that includes head count and salary by manager. 
Insert a pivot table on a new worksheet.Choose
“Manager,” “Job Title,” and “Full Name” as row labels. Limit the Manager
Row labels to the 3 managers only (exclude the CEO and CEO direct
reports as well as any blank data).Choose “Full Name” and
“Salary” as sum values, and change the Sum of Salary to Average of
Salary. Format the Salary listing to be currency, rounded to whole
dollars.There should be a Summary line for each manager showing total head count and average salary.Name the new worksheet “Heads and Salary By Manager.” Create a pie chart depicting the head count by job title.
Insert a pivot chart on a new worksheet. Change the chart type to “Pie.”
For Mac users, create a pivot table then create a chart from that table. Choose “Job Title” as the Category (exclude the CEO job description as a category).Choose
“Job Title” as sum values, and show the head count as a data label on
each slice. Add a chart title called “Head Count by Job Title.” Name the
new worksheet “Heads By Job Title Pie.”

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