What to Look for in Analyzing a Short
1. What is the significance of the story?s title? Is it
symbolic or ironic?

2. What other kinds of irony or symbolism does the
story contain? How does it work?

3. What is the story?s theme? Is it specific to the story
or universal?

4. Who is the protagonist? Is the character dynamic?
If so, how?

5. What is the protagonist?s dilemma? How is it

6. Who is the antagonist & what is the conflict??

7. What is the point of view? Is it the most effective?

Why or why not?
8. What characterizes the writer?s style? The tone?
The voice?

9. Does the story contain concrete imagery? If so, cite

10. What kind of figurative language does the author
use? Similcs? Metaphors? Personification? How
does it enhance the narrative?

11. What is the story?s historical context? How is it
relevant?? Cite author?s birthplace and birthdate.

How do they affect the story?s time and place

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