Higher Education’s Quality Assurance Agency (QAA)

The overall object of this module is to enable you to acquire key transferable skills i.e. skills that will not only enable you to succeed in your career at university, but will also be of value to you in your future.

These key skills are highly valued by employers, and as a result the Higher Education’s Quality Assurance Agency (QAA) has specified a set of core skills, which they determine that all graduates should have. A set of benchmark standards has been developed by them and these standards can be found at QAA’s website, www.qaa.ac.uk they include:

-Cognitive skills-critical thinking, analysis and synthesis.
-Problem solving and decision-making skills-quantitative and qualitative.
-Research and investigative skills-individual and team.
-Information and communications technology skills.
-Numeracy and quantitative skills-data analysis, interpretation and extrapolation.
-Communication skills-oral and written, using a range of media.
-Interpersonal skills talking and listening, negotiation.
-Team working skills-leadership, team-building, influencing.
-Personal management skills-time planning, motivation and initiative.
-Learning skills-reflective, adaptive and collaborative.
-Self-awareness-sensitivity and openness to others.


Using the above QAA standards, the material presented in the lecture series, and activities engaged in during tutorial sessions, produce a Personal Development Plan of not more than 2000 words, outlining how far you feel you have met them with regard to your future employability.

Report and Personal Development Plan

1.Introduction (5 Marks)
-Introduce the aim of the report, giving a brief overview of the whole assessment.

2. Personal Development Planning (5 Marks)
-What, in your opinion, is Personal Development Planning?
-Give some examples of the benefits that Personal Development Planning might bring to students at University.

3. Personal Goals (15 Marks)
-Outline the goals you originally set for yourself, listing them as SMART goals.
-What progress have you made towards achieving these goals?
-How do you know whether you have achieved any of these goals?
-Don’t worry if you have not fully achieved a goal, but what difficulties have you encountered and to what extent have you been able to overcome them?

4. Developing Learning and Study Skills (10 Marks)
-With reference to textbooks or other sources discuss your preferred learning style and methods of how you have acquired skills that you consider to be important. (These sources must be referenced using the Harvard referencing system.)
-Identify what you see now as your main strengths and weaknesses in the learning environment-giving explanations.

5. Developing Management Skills (30 Marks)
-With reference to textbooks or other sources discuss your progress in attaining improved management skills. (These sources must be referenced using Harvard referencing system.)
-Identify what you see now as your main strengths and weaknesses as a potential manager.

6. Conclusion (25 Marks)
-With reference to the Quality Assurance Agency’s required standards for graduate employability, discuss how far you have met attainment of these benchmarks.
-Give a brief summary and please make any other concluding comments.

Structure and presentation of report (5 Marks)

Use of Harvard Referencing (5 Marks)

Total Mark 100

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