History Book/Writing Assignment
The student will find ONE book to read during the semester. The book should be {nonfiction} history connected to US History (appx early 1600’s to 1865, end of the Civil War). The book should be a minimum of 200 pages (not counting the endnotes, or [annotated] bibliography) but the actual text of the book. Publication date should be within the 21st century therefore not before 2000.
The paper should be typed, double spaced, Times New Roman, 12 font, with your name in the top left corner, and a title. The minimum word count is 1,000 words this is a full three page, double spaced paper.  The paper should be in MLA format, including parenthetical in text citations if necessary, and a works cited page.
The first half of the paper should be a background/summary of what the book is about, and background information on the author (degrees, profession, other works?), this should be appx. 3-4 sentences; overall this summary/author portion of the paper should be approximately 400-500 words.
The rest of the text should be your review of the book. Is there a thesis/argument? Does the author support the thesis? What kind of research was done for this book, in other words, are there ample primary sources and/or secondary sources, if so what? What new revelations do you walk away with, interesting new facts that you learned regarding your topic? Do you feel that the author adequately covered the topic, did they elaborate on it or did they exclude or minimalize some material? If you found a criticism of the book you may write about it, but support why you think that way. “I do not like to read” is not a legitimate criticism.

This paper is due Thursday, November 16nd before midnight, it will be submitted on Canvas. To do this go to the “Assignments” tab; click on “Book/Review Paper”; attach and submit your paper.  This system really likes WORD documents, other forms of saved papers not so much!


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