History Thomas Jefferson
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The paper is about Thomas Jefferson,must be a minimum of 5 paragraphs i believe the instructor is looking for 8 paragraphs but does not have to be.
Thesis paragraph – what the essay is going to be show about Thomas Jefferson
3- 6 body paragraphs – minimum of 3, ten sentences each- (political, economical, social)
conclusion paragraph bringing everything together from the thesis and everything your detailing,
Students will answer / address the essay prompt provided in a multi-paragraph essay containing a minimum of five paragraphs.
Write persuasively, using the college readiness and MSHS essay standards discussed in class. Prepare using textbook, class notes, previous assignments / activities, research and study groups. Each student must complete the essay IN HIS/HER OWN WRITING and format properly via MLA standards.
Key Preparation Guidance:
? Be certain to understand all elements of the prompt – not only specific diction, but exactly what must be answered/addressed throughout essay
? Determine evidence categories: P1, P2, E1, E2, S1, S2 [TJ can be an 8-paragraph essay]
? Write sharp Thesis Statement = Cause/Effect Argument, via overall P, E, S [Think Results!]
? Gather plenty of evidence – Clearly link evidence to arguments/effects/results
? Include short, compelling quotations – and know how to explain concisely in own words
? Plan in advance how to note significance of topic to subsequent history/today
Key Content Guidance:
? For Political and Economic, focus on JEFFERSON’S PRESIDENCY
? Regarding Jefferson’s writings, directly link examples to the P, E, S evidence developed – Use only the most important Jeffersonian documents in direct support of P, E, S evidence
Additional requirements:
? Conduct and include outside research using a minimum of 5 reliable sources, properly cited via appropriate PARENTHETICAL NOTATION and a WORKS CONSULTED LIST
? Required:
? 1 book
? 2 .edu sites
? 1 .gov site
? 1 .org site ? No .com sites accepted
Turnitin.com will be due no later than 10:00 p.m. 19 November 2015. Students submit hard copies of Essay, including properly formatted Works Consulted List, in class on 20 November 2015. No essay may be submitted in class without prior, timelyTurnitin.com submission.
U.S. HISTORY NAME ______________________
Answer/address the prompt below in a multi-paragraph essay containing a minimum of five paragraphs. Write persuasively to prove your argument using facts, quotations, statistics, ideas gathered from your textbook, class notes and outside research conducted. Write well using Mary Star of the Sea High School college readiness essay standards discussed in class, including proper MLA formatting and documentation. Grades will be assessed on the following basis:
1) Quality of argument
2) Manipulation of evidence
3) Structure of essay
4) Academic Research and Writing principles
Examine THOMAS JEFFERSON as an American leader. Overall, analyze Jefferson’s multiple political, economic and social effects on America as a nation and for the American people. Offer examples of how this leader solved problems – turning conflicts into opportunities for America and Americans.
? Delve into Jefferson’s overall results for the nation. Consider:
? Contribution to the formation, functioning and success of the government – including development of political parties in the United States
? Contribution to the formation, functioning and success of the economy
? Evaluate other key contributions. You may wish to consider Jefferson as a role model – or not – in terms of tolerance and/or education.
? Consider key written works Jefferson contributed to American thinking, including examples from his essays, speeches and correspondence – weaving this as evidence into P, E, S paragraphs.
The United States owes what legacy to Jefferson as an American leader and public servant?
TIP: Do not write a biographical sketch of Jefferson’s life – analyze, criticize, synthesize and evaluate Jefferson’s effects on the nation.

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