Counterterrorism and Intelligence

As you now are aware, all the modules tie in together to explain how and why the Department of Homeland Security operates:

•The framework for responding to disasters
•The systematic approach for integrated responses
•The DHS overview with military interface
•Intelligence and information-sharing mechanisms

As you are also aware, DHS does not operate singularly; it depends on partnerships at all levels of operation. So it is with counterterrorism. Read the assigned material and respond to the following exercises.

Case Assignment
1. Look up the definition of counterterrorism (please, no Wikipedia or other nonprofessional sources). What is the definition?
2.Look up the definition of intelligence. What is the relationship of intelligence to counterterrorism? Explain with examples.
3.Relate counterterrorism and intelligence with the military
4.From the Background Information section, review your readings/audio/websites and: Explain how a specific counterterrorism team, unit, or partnership operates to counter a terrorist episode. Use a specific example and “walk it through” the process.

Required Reading

Bjelopera, J. P. (2013). The Federal Bureau of Investigation and terrorism investigations. Congressional Research Service. Retrieved from:

Implementing 9/11 Commission recommendations: Progress report 2011. DHS. Retrieved from: [read passages pertaining to counterterrorism]

Joint Counterterrorism Assessment Team (2013). National Counterterrorism Center. Retrieved from:

Required Audio

Nelson, R. (Presenter), Squires, K. & Davis, J. (Co-Presenters). 2012. Audio: The First Line of Defense: State and Local Homeland Security. Washington, DC: Center for Strategic & International Studies. Retrieved from: [click red arrow to begin audio. Length: 1:01:09]

Required Websites

Counterterrorism and Criminal Exploitation Unit, ICE.

Counterterrorism Committees & Working Groups, DHS.

Counterterrorism Laws & Regulations, DHS:

Homeland Security and Counterterrorism Program. Center for Strategic & International Studies.

National Counterterrorism Center.

Optional Reading

ITACG Intelligence guide for first responders (2nd ed.) (2011). NCTC. Retrieved from:

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