Research paper should contain the following:
1. Title page
2. Abstract page including summary of main ideas
3. Table of contents
4. List of tables
5. List of figures
6. Introduction should include:
a. Background information, narrow down your explanation. At the end of the introduction, please add an informal outline of the paper.
7. theoretical part which is:
a. The background of the paper in more specific details. Mention problems more accurately, mention the methods you will be using, previous studies and state your working hypothesis.
8. Empirical part where you present you data? What is your data?
9. Discussion and conclusions
Discuss your results, what does your paper point out to?
10. References: the minimum number is 15 from journal articles and books only. Please DO NOT use websites or pdf files or anything that may be counted as unreliable.
The most important thing to consider in this paper is giving examples, many many examples. Gloss your Arabic examples as well. Please make sure not to repeat your ideas and make it an accurate research paper. The writing style should be direct and precise. Repetition of the ideas will lower my chances of receiving a good grade on the paper.
Work within Noam Chomsky’s theories in syntax.
Feel free to change the topic of the essay into something more formal and adequate. I just wrote the subject to give you an idea about the topic.

Kindly note that if the paper is not of platinum quality as I paid for and I didn’t get a good grade on this, I will immediately request a refund. I have spoken to one of your online agents and they have assured me that I’m eligible for a refund if the paper is below platinum quality.

In addition to that, the 8 pages should be counted for the body of the text and not the title page, abstract, table of contents, etc.

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