How does rewards-based behavioural methods have a positive or negative effect on students in the early years?
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This assignment requires you to identify an area of research for your planned action research project.

You need to access the Curtin University scholarly data bases which are available to you through the library and locate between 20 and 25 peer reviewed research articles on your topic area. These can be sourced from Australian and overseas settings. Try to avoid books and popular media information as the review needs to represent the latest research findings by scholars in the field.

The review needs to include the following headings:

Introduction- this should include:
The nature of the focus area under review; The basis for the selection of the topic; Definitions in use.

The main body- this should include:
Current research studies you have located;
The major questions that are being asked in your selected articles; The current findings from your selected articles; The major themes you have located throughout the literature you selected; The general conclusions that are being drawn.

Conclusion- this should include:
A summary of the major agreements and disagreements about the focus area;
Any implications of the design of the research in the articles for the overall approach for your own research project.

Journal articles need to be years 2000 and above, preferably 2005 onwards.

*Needs to be peer reviewed articles

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