How does the Internet affect in the personal life?

How does the Internet affect in the personal life?The Internet
1. How does the Internet affect in the personal life?
The effect of the Internet on personal life of modern people is doubtless. First of all, I communicate with my friends in different social networks. We share photos and I can see how my school and university friends live, so it helps us to keep in touch.
2. How does the Internet affect young people?
As most of the young people use the Internet for communication, its effect can be both positive and negative. What is good about it is that helps them to stay connected with their friends no matter where they are. But on the other hand it steals a lot of time and may bring dangerous acquaintanceship. One more good point of the Internet is that it enables studying online.
3. How do you perceive the impact on the Internet on society?
Many people have already become dependent on the Internet, especially on social networks. Lots of photos are taken not to remember the moment, but to share it on Facebook or Instagram. Therefore, the Internet became the place, where people can show off, at the same time hiding their real life stories behind a beautiful picture.
4. How does the Internet improve your life (daily life)?
The Internet is undeniably helpful in question of studies and household, as it contains much information concerning different subjects and useful recommendations. Also it makes the process of purchasing different goods much easier because you may compare the prices of different shops staying on your comfortable sofa with a cup of tea. One more thing is that you can order food online easily and quickly.
5. Have you had any dangerous experience in Internet?
I was lucky not to have encountered any dangers. Yet, I have met a few rude people in social networks – meetings that I would like to forget. This is why I do not fancy different discussions and forums – people there are very different and the chance to meet someone impolite is too high.
6. How do you think young people use the Internet different than old people?
Judging from the experience of my older relatives, they use the Internet mostly to keep in touch with school and university friends, colleagues etc. They find the big web good for finding some necessary information as well. But the main difference is that they do not try to show off with the help of social networks and do not misuse all the benefits which the Internet offers.

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