HR Analysis


a) As Coke and Pepsi move forward from this point, are there any important human resource issues that should be considered as part of their corporate and business strategies? Fully Explain answer
2. Strategy Analysis
a) Conduct an industry analysis using Porter’s 5 forces to evaluate the attractiveness of the industry with respect to the profitability of bottlers.

3. Financial Analysis
a) The strategies used by Coke and Pepsi were reflected in their financial data (Table 3a). Compare and comment on the return on equity (ROE) for both Coke and Pepsi over the years. Calculate and comment on Coke’s operating profit for its North American beverage and its international beverage over the years. Calculate and comment on the level of net profit for Coke and Pepsi over the years.

4. Marketing Analysis
a) The marketing mix is a planned mix of the controllable elements of a product/business unit’s marketing plan, commonly termed the 4Ps. Describe the series of decisions made with regard to each of the elements of the marketing mix.


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