human resource department of the Trevor Project

Final Paper
For your final assignment you will write a paper that mirrors the capstone project that you will be writing at the end the program. In this assignment, you will select a public or non-profit organization – not a for profit company – and, after ideally speaking with a representative, identify a challenge that they are facing as it relates to human resources management. They may be challenged with a retiring workforce, need to develop strategic avenues for recruiting, have difficulty retaining employees, or need to diversity their workforce. Whatever the challenge is, this will be the focus of your final paper. You are tasked with making clear connections between the theories and readings that relate to the challenge that your organization is facing. Your paper should include an introduction, discussion of the course material (and subsequent literature) that relates to your topic, the stakeholders who have been impacted (internal and external) by the problem, and suggestions on how to address this challenge i.e. solve the problem. To ensure that you submit the best paper possible (and don’t wait until Week 7 to begin), you will submit various components of the paper throughout the round. The breakdown of components are as follows:

Outline – you will create a detailed outline for your final paper. Each section in your outline should have titles i.e. what the sections of your paper will be titled and provide detailed information about what will be included within each section. Therefore, you should have several “levels” built into your outline. Your section titles should be the first level, each secondary level will reflect main arguments/points being made; subsequent levels will be very specific information that support your main arguments/points. The following links may prove useful in helping you start brainstorming:

Professor comments
Sounds promising – retention is always a problem if pay and morale are low along with poor working conditions. Is it the Trevor project is unaware of the linkages? Is it that they are unwilling or unable to do something about it or is turnover something they have accepted? Later on in the problem statement you bring up workplace morale efforts (entertainment) – will this be effective to stem turnover or merely delay the inevitable? Also curious (no pun intended) about the potential LGBT angle – does this help or hurt retention efforts? You might think the former but not sure…

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